Wow’s students get into their top-choice colleges. Here are some testimonials from Wow students, parents and partners: 

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Danny, student

Danny, student

Jennifer Ramsey Wallace, Outreach Manager for Financial Aid Programs, State of Michigan

Noam, parent

Sydney, student

Emma, student

“You are great! My daughter came home so excited after meeting with you! She is in her room writing away. Can’t believe this is my child. You are a magician!” Anita, parent, West Bloomfield, MI

“You have produced an excellent program for students that is both interesting and informative. The online, anytime, anywhere feature will be extremely useful to busy students who are trying to juggle academics, athletics, and other school or home responsibilities. For high achieving college-bound students who are anxious about writing a winning college essay, Wow Online is exactly what they need.” Daniel Geary, Director of Guidance, Benedictine College Preparatory, Richmond, VA

“Your input was extremely helpful for my application process, and for me as a writer. I worked extremely hard to utilize all your edits to form a very respectable application. Your assistance has done wonders for me.  Thanks again for all you have done, as you have a true talent for writing and editing.” David, transfer student, New York City, University of Hartford

“Wow was a phenomenal resource in assisting my twin boys write their college entrance essays! The process was smooth and helped each of my boys, who have their own styles of writing and their own personalities, get through this stressful time. I was incredibly impressed when I read their final drafts. Wow helped each boy’s own voice and ideas come through. I would definitely recommend Wow and have been doing so to my friends!” Laura, parent, Scottsdale, AZ

“While continuing to learn and grow in the field, I have discovered Wow Writing Workshop.  I have attended several of their on-line workshops and have learned a great deal regarding counseling my students with their essay writing.” Shelly Humbach, Independent Education Consultant, Denver, CO

“Thank you so much for your great help! It is always inspiring to see people who are so good at what they do. I thought the online workshop was extremely helpful; your comments were insightful and clear. My son, who is a first-draft kind of guy, remained open to this process, and I know that it was gratifying for him to see how much his essay improved.” Bruce, parent, Brooklyn, NY

“(My son) really enjoyed working with you and benefited from your comments and attention. His essays were more personal and engaging after he started working with you. I really appreciated that both he and I had you as a sounding board throughout the process.” Rachel, parent, New York, NY

“It was a reflective process for me as well as a workshop in writing, and I am grateful for you guiding me along and giving so much.” Matt, graduate student, Ann Arbor, MI

“I liked how each step built on the last so that the essay continued to grow and improve. Instructions were clear and provided specific details on how to problem solve and revise, which was helpful.” Grant, student, Palo Alto, CA

“Wow Online was really helpful. I am going to recommend it to my friends. I thought you might like to know that I got my acceptance letter from the University of Chicago yesterday! The Wow program definitely helped me in my essay writing process, and so I feel at least part of this acceptance is owed to the program.” Tate, student, Grand Rapids, MI

“I would never have thought my college essay could have started to look this great, and it’s all thanks to you.” Jaclyn, student, Novi, MI

“Thanks for all your help and caring. We cannot thank you enough.”  Ruth, parent, Elkins Park, PA

“Wow helped me expand my ideas and shape them into great college essays. I had never been told before that I am a good writer. Their confidence in me changed the way that I think about writing and I am definitely a better writer for it.” Spencer, student, Franklin, MI

“Wow taught me to approach writing in a new way, and gave me a process that I will keep with me forever.” Peter, student, Royal Oak, MI

“I’ve never seen my son so excited about anything other than sports. He now believes he can write.” Pam, parent, West Bloomfield, MI

“My daughter’s teachers were blown away by the quality of her writing after working with Wow on her college essays. You taught her the process that brought out her voice.”  Norma,  parent, West Bloomfield, MI

“You are approachable and compassionate. You gave my daughter confidence and taught her how to direct her writing toward this audience.”  Kathy,  parent, Huntington Woods, MI

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