College Essay Prompts for the University of Pennsylvania

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The University of Pennsylvania takes the Common Application, which requires an essay. Click here for the Common Application prompts. Penn also has one supplemental essay:

The Admissions Committee would like to learn why you are a good fit for your undergraduate school choice (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, The Wharton School, or Penn Engineering). Please tell us about specific academic, service, and/or research opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania that resonate with your background, interests, and goals. (400-650 words)


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What Does the University of Michigan Want?

Jacques Steinberg of The New York Times blog “The Choice” recently asked the deans of admissions at the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania how they look at SAT and ACT scores. You might be surprised by what he found out. Click here to read the blog and to watch clips from his interviews.