How Can You Stand Out on College App?

How can you stand out on a college app when a couple million other high school students are trying to do the same thing?

The answer is clear: Write a great admissions essay.

Wow Writing Workshop has interviewed many college counselors who say the college essay is the only tool students have to stand out on the actual application  (assuming they’ve already done their best in school and on standardized tests.) We hear the same story at high school and university-sponsored college nights, and from parents who have traveled from coast to coast with their college-bound kids  to tour universities.

Whether you want to study painting at Pratt Institute, become an engineer at MIT, learn about business at Michigan State University or hone your diplomatic skills at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, you might have to write an essay or two (or five!)

“The college essay just may be the most important aspect of your application to a United States college or university,” said Seth Allen, the vice president an dean of admissions and financial aid at Pomona College in California. “While standardized test scores and grades can assure you are a competitive applicant, they won’t make you stand out in a strong applicant pool.”

Allen shared this insight in a guest blog last week for students applying to U.S. schools from India. Allen, who previously was dean of admissions and financial aid at Grinnell College in Iowa, has an answer for skeptics who insist essays don’t matter and that  no one reads them:

“The essay is often a deciding factor, conveying information to the admissions committee about your personality, values, creativity or other intangible qualities sought after in students,” he wrote in the blog. “It’s also the one component of your application where you have full control over the outcome.”

And there’s only one way to make that essay stand out: write it yourself, in your own words and your own voice.

If you’re feeling stuck, contact Wow Writing Workshop. Wow’s  college essay writing coaches are ready to help you to tackle this task so you can stand out from the crowd.

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